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The Oaktown Classic - hosted by DJ Toure of Hieroglyphics
Presented By Lost Village
Saturday, July 2nd at 6:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 07/02/16 at 5:00pm PST
28th Ave & Magnolia
Oakland, CA 94608
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Tay Roc

JP Cali Smoov

Kid Vishis

DJ Los

Yo Boy Rel


Jungle Bandit

Chris the Junglist


Legit Soda

Arcade Oh

Robyn Banks

Clark M

Sabotage Beats


Terry Estioko


The Oaktown Classic is a multicultural event for the people by the people, meant to be representative of Oakland. Featuring a Prop 215 friendly farmers market followed by an All Star Hip Hop Show and rounding out the night with a 6 hour dance party, bringing us into the twilight hours. Anticipated attendance is between 700-850 people keeping the atmosphere intimate and exclusive.

Be lost no more, join the Village!

Items Not Allowed
Alcohol, guns, knives, explosives, or weapons of any kind. No outside illicit substances of any kind including drugs & alcohol. Although it is a Prop 215 compliant event, the only Prop 215 allowed at the event will be proved and consumed within the designated Prop 215 members only area.
Additional Information
Being that Oaktown Classic is a fully Prop 215 compliant and friendly event, we will have a Prop 215 (with proof of valid/current paperwork) members only area for the consumption of Prop 215 substances. Prop 215 consumption will only be permitted within the set perimeters. Food will be catered by two local, Oakland based, companies which will have more than enough to meet everyone's Munchie Demands. Port-A-Potties will be available outside, in addition to the restrooms inside the facility (which will be for Prop 215 compliant individuals only). Security will be on site to prevent the entry of any prohibited items/individuals into the venue, Alena.

Presented By

6:00pm to 4:00am
Doors open at 6:00pm

Farmer's Market: $5.00
Hip Hop Show: $20.00
Dance Party: $10.00
Day Pass: $30.00
Vendor Booth Tier 1: $150.00
Vendor Booth Tier 2: $250.00
Vendor Booth Tier 3: $350.00


Alena<br> 28th Ave &amp; Magnolia<br> Oakland, 94608