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One Act Showcase
Presented By The Griffin Theatre
August 26th - August 27th, 2023 EST
Online sale ends: 08/26/23 at 6:30pm EST
The Griffin Theatre
701 Carson Drive
Bear, DE 19701
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The Griffin Theatre


Experience an exhilarating event at The Griffin Theatre's One Act Showcase, where a diverse range of short plays directed by different directors will transport you into captivating worlds of storytelling. Each director brings their unique vision and artistic flair, infusing the showcase with an exciting variety of perspectives and styles.

Pit of My Stomach 

Nina is a teenager who lives from place to place with her Dad (who she calls Charlie) hustling to make ends meet. Nina tries to get through to her dad about wanting him to stop leading a criminal life in order for her to have a normal one.


Brenda and Charlie try to take a simple drive to a coffee shop. But there's a problem. Brenda has a phobia of cars, and Charlie has a phobia of small spaces. As the two phobics struggle to put the key in the ignition and close the door, they end up bearing their hearts.   

A Beautiful Ogre and Other Fairytales 

A father reads his daughter a fairy tale as a bedtime story — which the characters begin to act out. The girl doesn’t like how the story is going — no strong female role models, for instance — so she changes it all around.

That Play About the Gurgling Mud Pit 

A director tries to explain a new play to the crew. Opinions vary.

Unquestionable Evil 

Dwayne and Charlene. Overbearing, eco-conscious parents, who expect WAY too much of their seven year old daughter.

The Bronze Lining 

Two sisters dealing with the death of their mother. They don’t have the best relationship, and bicker like they’re still children


Cinderella and Juliet commiserate about romantic love, happily ever after and what went wrong with their marriages

GPS-An Auto-Erotic Comedy

The sexy and suggestive computer voice of a high tech automobile becomes jealous of the new owner's girlfriend(boyfriend) and threatens to destroy his(her) life in this modern and very timely one act script. Imagine Siri run amock.

Holding Ginger

When Jenna breaks a special gift a boy gave her older sister, they are not only faced with broken glass to clean up, but they are also faced with the changing dynamics of their family.


What if there was a restaurant called “Mom’s Kitchen” where all the waitresses treat you like you’re at your mother’s for dinner? Bill decides to bring Betty there on their first dinner date, following the Peruvian film festival with all the subtitles in Dutch. So far he’s made a hash of it. What will Mom think? Well besides arriving very late for dinner(‘What time do you call this?’) and slouching in his chair, mom proceeds to berate the poor guy in front of Betty about how he never calls, or writes, his choice of coffee as a drink and what he chooses to eat on the menu. She’s so convincing that Betty starts to wonder if she is actually Bill’s real mother?

Items Not Allowed
Please note that photography and videography are strictly prohibited on these premises as it is against our licensing rights. We also ask that all cell phones or other electronic devices are silenced and put away during our performances, as it is distracting to our performers as well as audience members. We kindly ask for your cooperation in respecting our policies.
Additional Information
Hello everyone and welcome to The Griffin Theatre! Here are a few things to know about ordering tickets: 1) Doors will open for patrons at 7:00pm for 7:30pm shows and 1:30pm for 2:00pm shows. 2) Please print and bring your tickets with you, or have them on your mobile device so that we can scan them at the door. 3) On-line ticket sales will close 1 hour prior to show time. Tickets may still be available for purchase at the door on the day of the performance. You can call 302-202-8440 to check for availability. 4) Please, be sure to put the address of the theatre directly in your navigation system, as some of the apps have not fully updated our new address: 701 Carson Drive Bear, DE 19701

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Doors open at 7:00pm

All Seats: $15.00
All Seats: $15.00
Raffle Tix 6 for $5: $5.00
Raffle Tix 15 for $10: $10.00
Squishes for Wishes: $3.00
Griffin Goodie Pack: $6.00

All Ages

The Griffin Theatre<br> 701 Carson Drive<br> Bear, 19701



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