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Miami Munchkins Mommy & Me
Sunday, July 16th at 10:00am EST
Online sale ends: 07/16/23 at 10:15am EST
Miami Munchkins
136 South Federal Highway
Hallandale, FL 33009
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A mommy and me class is a specially designed program that encourages the participation of parents or caregivers alongside their young children, typically ranging from infants to preschool-age. The primary goal of these classes is to foster bonding, interaction, and learning experiences between the parent and child in a supportive group setting.

In a typical mommy and me class, various activities are organized to engage both the parent and child. These activities can include interactive games, music and movement exercises, sensory play, story time sessions, and arts and crafts projects. The class often incorporates age-appropriate developmental activities that promote motor skills, cognitive development, socialization, and emotional bonding.

Mommy and me classes offer a nurturing environment where parents can connect with other caregivers facing similar challenges and share experiences. The classes are usually facilitated by trained instructors or early childhood educators who guide parents in understanding their child's developmental milestones and provide tips for fostering their growth and learning at home.

Overall, mommy and me classes provide a valuable opportunity for parents and children to bond, learn, and create lasting memories together while enhancing the child's early development and socialization skills.

Process Art: An artistic approach focused on the creative process rather than the end result. Children freely explore various materials and techniques, allowing their imagination to guide them. Process art encourages self-expression, experimentation, and problem-solving, nurturing creativity and individuality.
Items Not Allowed
Shoes are not allowed in the indoor gym area. It is mandatory for all individuals to wear socks.

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10:00am to 12:00pm
Doors open at 9:50am

Mommy & Me 2 Day Package: $80.00
General Admission: $50.00

1 - 2.5

Miami Munchkins<br> 136 South Federal Highway<br> Hallandale, 33009



Saturday, July 15th

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Saturday, July 15th

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Saturday, July 15th

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