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Get Paid to Talk — An Intro to Voice Overs — Live Online Workshop & Q&A
Presented By Voice Coaches
Tuesday, March 26th at 6:30pm EST
Online sale ends: 03/26/24 at 8:30pm EST
Northgate Studios
432 North Rd
Bedford, MA 01370
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Get Paid to Talk / An Introduction to Professional Voice Over

With incredible schedule flexibility and the option to work from home, people with good speaking voices are exploring the growing field of professional voice over. Instead of a “get rich quick” or “learn the secrets” approach, this live web class will take you behind the scenes to give you a realistic and thorough introduction to today’s voice over field. Whether it’s for fun, supplemental income or a whole new career, this class is informative, fun and a great place to begin your own voice adventure.

You’ll learn:

-How emerging areas of our field, including audiobooks, training material, educational television, gaming, phone systems and more, have dramatically increased opportunity

-How to provide voice over services without ever leaving home

-Why conversational, believable voices are in demand

-Where to look for repeat, paying voice over opportunities in your own community and beyond

-How to prepare yourself for long-term success 

In addition to the class, there will be a Q&A and an opportunity to go one-on-one with your instructor for a brief directed script read. 

This class is upbeat, realistic and a great first step for anyone interested in exploring voice over for fun or additional income.

Presented By

6:30pm to 8:30pm
Doors open at 9:00pm

General Admission: $40.00


Northgate Studios<br> 432 North Rd<br> Bedford, 01370