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2nd annual Revenge Of The Nerds
Presented By Kinetik Events
Saturday, June 4th at 2:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 06/04/11 at 1:00pm PST
The Kinetik Forest
19737 High Glen Rd, Alpine, CA 91901
San Diego, CA 92101
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Buy Tickets

SD get ready because Kinetik Events is back with the biggest campout music festival San Diego has ever experienced! The 2nd annual Revenge Of The Nerds. This event will be held on June 4th 2011. We have just locked down 160 acres of land 30 minutes from downtown SD. On the land there are 2 huge buildings that are each as long as a football field and we will be transforming them into giant themed dance floors.These buildings are bigger than any building ever used for a EDM music festival in San Diego. There will be Three stages two indoor stages and one outdoor stage. This event will feature professional concert sound and lighting. We will build huge walls of sound and have professional lighting trusses set up fully equipt with mind blowing intelligent lighting, full color rgb lasers and L.E.D video walls. We will also set up a fun zone equipt with giant air jumpers,slides and obstacle courses. And last but not least we will have the Kinetik Go Go girls dancing on Go Go platforms all night for your viewing pleasure. We are currently in the process of booking an amazing line up of artist from all over the world to insure that this will be the biggest and best EDM event in the history of San Diego. We will have multiple vendors selling everything from L.E.D. glovesets, light toys, glowsticks, fluffys, t-shirts, food and drinks.The guys at www.mystery-lights.com have been generous enough to give us 5 full sets of L.E.D. lightgloves so we will be throwing them out into the croud throughout the night so keep your eyes on the stage and watch us throwing out glove sets

                           We have just added a 21 area with a complimentary beer garden. Meaning if you are 21 and up you will be able to drink beer for free.!! All we ask is that you tip the bar tender.

Line Up & Time Slots

Grape Stage
(Electro & House)

2-3    ClapRiot
3-4    White Washed
4-5    Brianeye
5-6    Big League
6-7    Baquai
7-8    Electric Criminal
8-9    Digital Product
9-10   Supertramp
10-11  Bulimiatron
11-12  Trend Setters
12-1   TJR
1-2    Arcade
2-3    The Vandal Squad
3-4    Grimm Groove

Strawberry Stage
(dubstep & DnB)

2-3   Captured by Kings
3-4   Muerto
4-5   Dink
5-6   Lock Jaw 
6-7   Mr Wise 
7-8   Jahz
8-9   Lytic
9-10   Brthr Beat
10-11  Peligro & Ntro
11-12  Stereo Liez
12-1:30  Druley
1:30-2:30  Polymer Drone
2:30-4  EL DaWG vs Great White with MC Dino

Watermelon Stage
(Mixed Genre)

2-4    Wolf-I

4-6    Jon Jeremy

6-8    King Koopa

8-9    Twist Off

9-10    Singularity

10-10:30    Red Rose (Live)

10:30-11    Daze & Noahfence (Live) 

11-12    Strobe

12-1    Trip Set

1-2     DoubleCheeseburger

Your car will be parked inside the venue so there are things that you will not be allowed to have in your car when you enter the venue. Below is a list of these things.

Things not to bring
Food, Drinks, Weapons, Glass, Paint, Markers, Drugs, Paraphernalia, Bad Vibes, Bad Attitude, Anything Flammable

Things to bring
Id, Tent, Warm Clothes, Good Vibes, Dancing Shoes, Cash(There will not be a ATM at the event)

                          Tickets are on sale at
www.purplepass.com/2ndAnnualRevengeOfTheNerds )
 you can also grab tickets at  Milage Clothing(Pacific Beach), Dj Culture(huntington Beach) and Emazing Lights(West Covina)

Event will start Saturday June 4th at 2:00PM and end on Sunday June 5th at 10:00AM

                       Presales will start at $10, $15, $20

                           Tickets will be $30 at the door

This property is on a dirt road so please drive slow and be respectful of the neighbors. Do not come in lowered vehicles. Do not try to park of the side of the road.(you have to park inside the venue) We will have security driving up and down the road checking for people parking outside the venue, If you get caught trying you will be removed from the property. Also there will be a $5 charge for each car to park so carpooling is strongly recommended.

              (THIS IS AN 18 AND UP EVENT)

We will have zero tolerence for people that are trying to break the rules of this event or the laws of California. Security will be in full force checking and monitoring everything at all times, please do not try to break the law because if you are caught you will be removed from the event. San Diego PD has notified us that they may come to the event to make sure everything is running smoothly. So please dont be the person that shows our scene in a bad light. If we can show them that this is a good crowd of people and that we really are in it for the love of the music and the experience of being able to be around the people we love hearing the music we love we will be able to keep these events alive in San Diego. These kind of events have had a bad shadow over them for a long time and Kinetik Events is trying to change that so lets come together and show this city who we really are and why we go to these events.

If you are a Vendor, Go Go Dancer, Dj, Producer and would like to contact us about bookings send a email to eventbookings@kinetikevents.com

For more info on this event call (619)862-3812 or check out our website at ( www.kinetikevents.com )


Items Not Allowed
Food, Drinks, Weapons, Glass, Paint, Markers, Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Bad Vibes, Bad Attitude,
Additional Information
Bring your air mattress and tent and get ready for the campout you'll never forget.!!

Presented By

2:00pm to 10:00am
Doors open at 2:00pm


The Kinetik Forest<br> 19737 High Glen Rd, Alpine, CA 91901<br> San Diego, 92101

(619) 862-3812