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Elements of Sound
Friday, August 24th at 8:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 08/24/12 at 11:00am PST
Under the stars
In the woods.
Los Angeles, CA 00000
-= series =-
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********Insanity Events-NoyzRus-R.U.Underground-Fuzzy Bread-3EV********

-------- Closing the Summer with nothing more than spectacular sounds , 5 crews come together to provide you with some of the most amazing underground talent there is. Be ready to experience an insane amount of awesome vibes full of peace,love, respect, responsibility and more then anything, unity.--------------------------------------------------------------------------

☆Join Insanity Events, NoyzRus, Fuzzy Bread, 3EV and R.U.U in 
this epic summer journey bringing you a huge unity between us all!☆

Bringing you 3 stages of sound the best in....

Techno/House/Prog, Dnb/Dub/Reggae and of course Hardstyle/Happycore/Hardcore 

>>>>This event is going down from 8pm to 8am 
OPEN TABLES FROM 6pm-8pm & 8am to 12pm. So bring your cds and be there early if u are interested!<<<<<

FIRE STAGE: Hosted by Insanity & R.U.Underground
(Hardstyle-Happy Hardcore)

☆Rising Star☆ (Queensland, Australia
executive records/recycled records/can you feel it media/ Rising Star Records

☆Spear of Darksiders☆


☆Toysoldierz☆ -Insanity Events-

☆SuPeR K!☆
[//superk.dj/ - Las Vegas]

☆Secret Skwirl☆

☆Ryan Kore vs Kitsch☆


☆2B Happy vs Nick Justice☆

☆Bass Breakers☆

☆Mc Brett Sickwit-it☆



And here is a little bio on some of our Fire djs for your eyes to enjoy =)

-Rising Star-
Danny aka Rising Star loves to produce music and DJ he has toured internationally and played all the top festivals for his "Rising Star" alias. He has had many successful releases signed to major record labels. His two best being "true feelings & love confusion" where both these singles ran up the dance charts in several countries including the UK, Europe, United States & Australia with Love Confusion hitting number # 1 in all these countries on the 2nd of september 2008 where it remained for several weeks, over and above some of the best known artists & DJ acts such as Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and Chicane.
He has had a few tracks that have made it to the top of the charts such as... 
Love Confusion hit number 1 in the UK, Australia & Sweden 8th of September 2008
2) True Feelings (2010 Mix) went to number 2 on Trackitdown charts and number 1 on juno charts.
He has also been featured on some pretty big albums that im sure you have heard such as...
Bounce Nation 2
Future hardcore anthem vol 1
100% Hardcore

If you like sugary and sweet then you're in for a treat! Arizona resident, DJ Maromi is your source for high octane pop,electro,and Japanese influenced happy hardcore. Passion, dedication and technical ability has made Maromi one of the most dominant names in the Southwest's hardcore scene.

Taking the hardstyle scene by storm, Spear hails from Arizona and has been killing the dance floor with hard beats since he began back in 2006. A dedicated and passionate DJ and producer, Spear has received recognition and attention from all of the hard dance scene, including Hard Dance Nation. As a member of the number one hard dance group in the US, the Darksiderz, he has performed at events such as this years Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas) and all across the United States. Spear is moving fast and the sky's the limit.

-SuPeR K!-
When the Vegas underground experienced a mass exodus among their local hardcore deejays in the early 2000's, SuPeR K! decided he had to do something to keep the scene and the music he loved alive. He acquired vinyl from a few of the deejays who had moved on, and sPiN! sPiN! SuPeR!, his weekly internet radio show, was born in 2003. Thursday evenings got new life as K! and friends began to plant the seeds to ensure hardcore's survival in Vegas and beyond. Less than 2 years after the inception of sPiN!, SK! landed his first official event booking, proving that hardcore was still alive and well! Since then, the "caped goodvibe SuPeR-raver" has continued to perform at events across the United States, bringing smiles to the masses with his energetic stage presence and distinct selection of cheesy tracks! Thanks to his awesome fans and the global hardcore family, universal goodvibes and love through the music will always live on!

From the first bass to the last outro, Toy Soldierz will captivate your mind with the hardest beats So Cal has to offer. Always bringing you an exciting mix of the old and new school while still embracing the roots of the original style of the music we all know and love as Hardstyle. Their super relaxed personalities are the complete opposite of their energy and passion behind the decks. Toy Soldierz is one of the most rapid up and coming duo of Hardstyle producers. Formed in 2010, Seth Castro and Quayshawn Collins formed to bring you the duo you know and love. Already one of the most known Hardstyle Djs In the California Underground scene, and also one of the few Djs to produce and play their own original tracks which have had a great crowd reaction. Having played at events featuring world class talent such as Darksiderz and Lady Faith has made this energetic duo well respected among all in the underground scene. Seeing these two in action will be a night that you will never forget.

WATER STAGE: Hosted by NoyzRus Pro & Fuzzybread Pro
(House, Trance, Tech)

☆Jason Blakemore☆



☆On Vacation☆

☆Andrew Lee☆


☆Jonathan Morning☆


☆Nino Brown☆


N here is a little bio on some of our Water Djs:

Jason Blakemore
Jason Blakemore is one of the original Los Angeles house/rave DJs. He has graced the stage at almost every major festival in the Southern California area. He has played at Coachella, EDC, Jujubeats, Nocturnal and Fresh. His name and skills are known all over the U.S. and internationally. 
Jason has run three record labels: Bassex, Life Music and currently Fiveleg. Blakemore has been part of music projects with Markus Schulz, The Chemical Brothers, Garth, Wally Callerio and 6blocc. He produced the hit songs “PURE”, “Suspicion” and many others. He is a down to earth person and an amazing live performer; his quick mixing skills have captivated fans for more than two decades. Slicing and splicing records back and forth, he is the true definition of an old school DJ still insisting on taking the crowd on a journey with every set. 

Thee-O has always been ahead of his time, as a DJ, label owner, producer, and a re-mixer. He has been heralded as one of the most popular and hardworking DJ’s in Los Angeles. Thee-O has been deemed the Godfather of the dance culture due to his longevity as a L.A. DJ since 1992. A musical entertainer since he was in pre-school, a mobile DJ since he was 13, a king of Goa and a Master of Trance and Techno in his twenties, and now a house-music veteran, DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles, radiates his musical mastery in the global electronic scene. 

EARTH STAGE: Hosted by 3EV 
(drum n bass/dubstep/ Breaks) 

*DIOPTRICS* w/ MC AgeZ (abductedRecords)

=SMASHINGTONS= w/ MC kap & Mikey Fliar (3EV/6FTDEEP)

#KONG# w/ MC Tripeye (RBBG/Dancestation)



-SAM POP- (3EV/Xsite)

+ STUBBORN A-HOLE+ (Rufnek Rec.)




More info on the works!

An an epic CONFIRMED OUTDOOR LOCATION till sunrise.

- Much love ♥

Insanity, Noyzrus, 3EV, FuzzyBread, & R.U.U.

Items Not Allowed
Drugs, weapons of any kind, drama, bad vibes, and drugs.

Presented By

8:00pm to 8:00am
Doors open at 8:00pm

General Admission: $15.00


Under the stars<br> In the woods.<br> Los Angeles, 00000