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Presented By Grimespree
Saturday, March 16th at 7:00pm AZ Time
Online sale ends: 03/15/13 at 1:00pm AZ Time
Phoenix, AZ 85020
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The crazy kids behind such accalaimed, fun-loving, great music events such as THIS IS HALLOWEEN, and NEON LIGHTS PARADISE.... Grimespree Productions, present to you....Saturday, March 16th, 2013.... HARD DANCE MASSIVE!!!

Like & follow us @ www.facebook.com/GRIMESPREE to stay updated!

... MASSIVE 3 stage event, legal 3000+ capacity venue, ALL ages show w/ bar for 21+ with ID.

EARLYBIRD PRESALE TICKETS ARE ONLY $15! But make sure to get them ASAP, and I mean SOON, because they will sellout before Janurary 17th most likely. Text us @ 602-410-7115 for more information. Online tickets will become avaliable.
Next level presale tickets will be $20.
Door price will be $25.

First out-of-state headlining act announced @ 250 attending.
Second international headlining artist announced @ 500 attending.
ALL major international headliners to be announced when attendance reaches 1,000!

- All major headliners are HARD DANCE genres (Hardstyle, hard trance, happy hardcore, etc.)
- One act is from the UK.
- One act is from the east coast.
- Two artists are Aussies!
- One act has never played in Arizona, or the west coast, EVER BEFORE.
- One artist has never played in the US before, and is DYING to come play in the states!
- One of the artists is greatly loved by the AZ rave & edm scene, not to mention on a global multi-ational level as well, and every time he/she/they have come to play in the US, THOUSANDS of you lovely party people have come out to see them!
- The artist mentioned above is also on a very SHORT, and very LIMITED tour with few stops, and due to him/her/them settling down, they will NOT be on tour for probably another couple of years! So yes, this is their LAST arizona appearance until then!

Live Love Lights = http://www.facebook.com/livelovelights


On his last tour for a couple of years....
S3RL - Happy Hardcore/UK Hardcore

DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since the year 2000. Discovering PlayStation’s ‘Music 2000’ he taught himself how to write music and then eventually upgraded to Reason on PC and still uses that today. Before all of that, and most importantly, he was part of the rave scene as a raver, letting loose on the dance floor and going to every local event. S3RL stays close to his rave heritage even today.

S3RL scored his first break at the end of 2005 when Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under. S3RL showed them his musical skills with a demo CD and it was only weeks later that contracts were being signed to join Kevin Energy’s infamous label The Nu Energy Collective (NEC). Releasing his first track 'Transformers' to vinyl made S3RL the first DJ in Queensland to be signed to a major, international hardcore label and not long after he was already mixing it up with names such as Kevin Energy, Sharkey, Hixxy, Brisk, Scott Brown, Darren Styles and many more.

Since then S3RL has released a multitude of tracks on various labels such as the ‘NEC’, 'Executive Records’, ‘Australia With Force’ and many more. His music has been featured on compilations such as 'Bonkers', ‘Hardcore Underground’ and ‘Masif Hardcore’ and has mixed a CD for the Hardcore Energy compilation series. All this while show casing his talent to a worldwide audience, DJ’ing at events all around Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe.

Having multiple EP's to his name featuring tracks like the smash hit that truly broke him into the scene - 'Pretty Rave Girl', the follow up track 'Little Kandi Raver', his new label’s ‘Pika Girl’ as well as underground rave hit ‘Dealer’ showing his spectrum of styles, S3RL has also worked with numerous bands from around the world doing re-mixes and collaborations. The most notable being his work with US band 'The Medic Droid' with his remix of their track 'Fer Sure' which also went on to become a worldwide hit.

Known 4 his intense stage presence and floor filling musical abilities, be sure to watch out for S3RL as he mixes up a storm and continues to keep the crowd jumping with all his future productions.


Busho - UK - (Harder Dance Styles/Hard Trance)

Busho is a name that has been at the front of many DJs record boxes over the past couple of years, and for a man who has spent most of his life associated with dance music, he is really crafting a niche with his sound that fuses the hard trance, hardstyle and techno he was raised on! With a distinct but surprising European influence (considering Busho is actually Adam Clements from Looe in Cornwall), he has championed the sound ever since he discovered the music from some CDs he was played by a close friend back in 2001. From his DJing beginnings in 2005 for the legendary Premonition events (an event which he now is a resident at where he plays versus sets with fellow DJ/Producer Louk), Busho has played for many leading nights around the UK including Resistance, Hindsight, After Dark, Pure, New Dimension, Distortion and more. He also toured with Hindsight in Ibiza and played a few gigs there in the summer of 2010. He has a distinct sound, and mixes up the most upfront productions he can find as well as some older timeless classics that influenced him, keeping true to his roots. One thing is for certain, when he plays the energy levels are through the roof and match the high energy that can be found in his productions, and his collaborations with Mark EG, Nick The Kid, Joe-E, Louk, DJ Thera, Sinith and more have been met with great response. Having his production roots based upon a love for hard trance and hardstyle, Busho is no stranger to the studio. Since his timeless début 'Music Matters' (a collaboration with the also Looe born Joe-E), on Holland's Theracords imprint, it's fair to say that Busho's worked diligently since and has over fifty releases to his name. High profile labels in the Harder scene such as German Trance, Traffic Tunes, Steel Records, Traffic, Tranzlation, Compulzion, Virus Audio, Hindsight and many more have all sought his production and remix skills and his tracks have amassed huge DJ support, with DJs including Mark EG, Proteus, Scot Project, Yoji, A*S*Y*S, Fausto, Louk, Wragg + Log:One and many more all playing his productions on a regular basis! In the summer of 2010, Busho decided to set up the 'Digitally Infected' imprint and has since amassed a back catalogue that some of the major players of the hard trance world would be proud of, showcasing both a wide collection of up and coming producers and leading names. The first release on the label was the well received 'Music First' by Busho and since then artists such as Sam Punk, Mark EG, Diablik, Proteus, The Engineer, Audio Damage and DJ Husband are a few of the talents to release material on the label. With more than enough material forthcoming to see the year through and some huge DJ support and critical acclaim from leading music press, this is a label worth checking! The sub-label 'Digitally Infected White' caters for fans of a more trance orientated and less harder sound. Not just concentrating on the harder sounds, Busho is also a prolific producer of trance and electro under his 'Daam' guise, and intends to develop this alias as well with various DJ sets and productions as time progresses as these are genres he has a strong underlying passion for as well. This includes future collaborations with TekTonik and remix work for trance labels, so he is definitely worth checking out for someone that brings that extra edge to your night and is set to be one of the promising names to watch in the future

DJ HK - Denver, Colorado, USA - (UK Hardcore/Gabber/Pumpcore)

"DJ HK spins UK Hardcore at her shows while moving to the beats like a personified THW display. “I throw every ounce of energy and personality into my sets so people can feel what I do when I play.” The frenetic 23 year old’s passion and fresh style makes her stand out in dance scenes spanning Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona. In 2008 she founded Blackout Productions. “Blackout Productions is about bringing quality DJs with unique styles and personalities to local and international shows.” HK manages the company with DJ Loveless. The team does themed parties as well as their signature sets. HK learned her craft in the Anime convention circuit under DJ Marqo and Disorder. “Disorder took me under his wing and started teaching me the real essentials of spinning Hardcore EDM genres.” She’s gone on to share the stage with talents like Special D., DJ Caffeine, Soleil, Drew Derivative, and SynthWulf. HK varies her sets depending on the venues. She’s wowed club crowds, but also shines in smaller shows and Anime conventions. No matter where she’s spinning she brings charm and class to every event. “I'm genuinely nice to people I meet in this business. Without the fans supporting me, I'd be nothing. I don't fluff people up with bullshit. When I say thank you, I mean it.”


Hard Dance stages:
Spear - (Hardstyle)
CIK - (Hardcore)
Spyder [2ND TO LAST AZ APPEARANCE!] vs. Bob Da Builder [LAST AZ APPEARANCE!] - (Hard Dance/Hard Techno)
Alpha 1 - (Hard Trance/Epic Trance)
Maromi - (UK Hardcore)
Kromozome Zero - (Happy Hardcore)
SID - (Mixed Hard Dance)
Sesso - (Hardstyle/Hardcore)
Sparrow - (Electrocore)
Hardknockz - (Hardstyle/Rawstyle)
Ignescent [From Tuscon!] - (Hardcore)
Mad Max - (Hard House)
Basik - (Hardstyle)
Psycho vs. Joker vs. Hypernova - (Hard Trance/Hard Edge)
Mamo - (Hardstyle)

Multi-genre stage:
GREM - (Bass Music)
XIII - (Drum & Bass/Liquid)
9six9 - (Electro House)
Grund - (Tech House)
Danny Kotori [Live Ableton set!] - (Glitch Hop/Moombah/Dubstep/Fidget)
Tonic Kemestry - (Dutch House/Breaks)
DippinSkinny - (Drumstep/Electro House)
Halcyon - (Progressive House)

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7:00pm to 3:00am
Doors open at 7:00pm

VIP: $25.00

All Ages

T.B.A.<br> TO BE ANNOUNCED!<br> Phoenix, 85020